Our Story

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My name is Paul O'Neill, and my wife Brenda and I started our farm in 2006 and have built it step by step from scratch.  We selected and planted every tree and every vine with our own hands.  Everything we do, we do ourselves.  We are primarily a fruit farm, and we are obsessed with what we grow.  My journey into winemaking started when I graduated from the UC Davis Viticulture & Enology program in 2012, along with many workshops at Ohio State University's OARDC program.  One of the first things I was taught was that great wine is grown, not made.  It starts with really great grapes/fruit.  Second, you can make bad wine from good fruit, but you cannot make good wine from bad fruit.  So, good winemaking techniques are essential.  Third, you need to understand what type of winemaking practice you follow, whether you are an Old World or New World winemaker.  You need to understand your regional climate and select grape varieties which will grow and ripen properly.  Fourth, winemaking is an art, and a science.  You need to understand your grape and fruit varieties, understand the science of viticulture, horticulture, and enology, and combine these elements into a wine which is unique and distinct.

All our wines are made from our own fruit.  We are specially licensed by the State of Ohio as a Farm Winery, a designation only a handful of wineries can claim.  We have many award-winning wines which are unusual, interesting, and unique to Northeast Ohio.  We invite you to come to visit us in Hinckley, Ohio, and sample what we have to offer and decide for yourself.